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More than 40 features that focus on your online selling.


Simple Order Management

Manage your orders easily with a simple breakdown of each one including: order information, payment and fulfilment. All items in the orders received are grouped together so that viewing them can be simple and time efficient, with the option of printing out individual orders too if you ever need it in that format.

More features

Product Inventory

Your inventory can be managed entirely with a few clicks of a button. You can simply add or remove any products that you no longer offer.

Awesome Store Designs

You want a store that is eye catching and user friendly, making it memorable to customers and encouraging them to continue to come back.

Real Time Notifications

You can be notified by email every time an order has been successfully paid, on top of this you can receive push notifications through the Dashboard App.

Sales Order Recovery

You can tackle any orders with failed payment easily by requesting payment from the customer again with just a click to ensure no sales are lost.

Awesome Store Designs

All designs are produced from scratch with our customer requirements in mind.

It’s on the Net. It’s in your Phone.


Dashboard Mobile Apps (Coming Soon)

A downloadable mobile app, which is dedicated to improving your business and is available for iOS and android, allows you to monitor all sales whether you are on the go or just out of the office. You can also check all orders as well as manage them to maximise productivity and not feel restricted to the computer. Push notifications are also available once payment has successfully been received.

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